My work takes shape around questions:
How can I interpret as faithfully as possible what has been forgotten?
Do we forget intentionally?
How, as an artist, can I successfully rebuild a story with a few details and bring back the truth, the emotion, the melancholy?
What is the tipping point between pragmatic reality and aesthetic abstraction?

The purpose is to convey a new, raw visual identity, without manipulation.
New Archive images that reinterpret the fragile bonds which exist between the earth and man.
I've always been fascinated by what man imposes on his environment and the ensuing transformations.
Whether these are superficial or in depth, Nature always reclaims its reign with all its might after having been marked.

The poetry of a glorious past often giving way to a bucolic obsolescence.

So I started photographing these abandoned places, objects, and people.
My work focuses on this concept of 'Forgotten' along the way.

I endeavour to restore life & body to these disfigured shapes by having a relatively fixed and systematic image construction.

In turn, I have developed this quest for vast spaces where the earth makes you forget everything else, puts you back where you belong and shows you all its strength.

Images in F-STOP A Photography Magazine